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How to invest simply, cheaply & effectively using ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are ASX-listed index funds covering cash, bonds, equities and commodities. Learn how they can save you time time, money and headaches when running your own investment portfolio - with Australia's only all-in-one guide from a leading ETF expert.

From the author

Regardless of whether you are an SMSF investor, active trader or just want to dabble in shares, if you don’t know about ETFs you are potentially costing yourself unnecessary time, money and stress.

ETFs: why should I care?

What’s the big deal with ETFs? Why as an investor should I bother knowing about them? (30 sec)

Why buy my e-book?

Of course, you can try your luck searching the internet for (free) ETF information. But why not save time and get the good stuff at your fingertips! (38 sec.)

What readers thought!

A sample of opinion from existing buyers

Christopher, Sydney NSW

Christopher, Sydney NSW

"The Australian ETF Guide let me know I was on the right track. I now see ETFs not as the blunt instrument..but a finely tuned product. David explains comprehensively their multitude of uses and opportunities they offer..there are gems of knowledge on virtually every page! David also explores and explains the stock market far more comprehensively than just explaining ETFs and his explanations will be useful for a long time to come."

James, Brisbane

James, Brisbane

"This book is a must read for investors looking at diversifying into ETFs. For those already investing, it has a coverage and depth which will add to current knowledge and will provide a check against their strategies.
For those who don’t know David Bassanese’s research the book will be a revelation. For those who do, it is a confirmation of his professionalism.
I thoroughly recommend it to all interested in ETF investments."

Paul, Melbourne VIC

Paul, Melbourne VIC

"As an investor in shares and property, I found I was sadly lacking in knowledge about ETF’s – snippets in the papers and blogs not really providing enough depth. David’s e-book has well and truly ‘lifted the fog’ – it is well written, concise, detailed enough without being too technical, and a great source of knowledge on the subject. I can move forward now on using ETF’s more confidently in my investment decisions. Highly recommended"

Gordon, Adelaide SA

Gordon, Adelaide SA

"I found the ETF book extremely informative and I have already made some initial investments."

What you will learn

What are ETFs

Discover the simplicity, transaparency, liquidity, broad diversification and low fees typically found with ETFs

ETF Pitfulls

Learn the risks and traps to avoid when trading and investing in ETFs. Learn when to invest and how to invest with comfort.

ETF Providers

A detailed review of most Australian ETFs, especially from top providers like State Street's SPDR ETFs, Vanguard ETFs, ishares ETFs, Russell, BetaShares & Market Vectors

ETF Types

Explanation of the full range of ETF types available, covering equity ETFs, bond ETFs, currency ETFs, high-dividend ETFs, mining and financial sector ETFs, gold ETFs, oil ETFs & agricultural ETFs

Investment Tips

How to use ETFs to express long-term investment views on asset classes, countries or industry sectors.

Trading Tips

How ETFs can be used in a variety of trading strategies that don't require knowledge of individual company stocks

ETF Model Portfolios

Sample ETF model portfolios for wll diversified low cost long term investing - using as few as 3 ETFs

Momentum Strategies

Explanation of how ETFS can be used to adopt global macro trend following strategies not unlike those used by top hedge funds

Hedging strategies

How to hedge your Australian equity exposure or bet on market declines with a single ASX listed purchase

Gearing Strategies

How to easily gear your Australian equity exposure without margin calls and using cheap wholesale financing - even for SMSF investors


The Australian ETF Guide is available as an e-book (PDF) for immediate delivery or, for an added fee to cover extra costs, we can also print it out as a report and send it to you via traditional mail.

About the author

David Bassanese is a Sydney-based economist with extensive experience in financial markets, public policy making and media David Bassanesecommentating.

His is Chief Economist with Beta Shares, an independent Australian manager of exchange traded products (ETPs), with over $A1 billion in funds under management. He is also an economic adviser to the National Institute of Economics and Industry Research.

David is a former senior financial columnist for The Australia Financial Review newspaper, and interest rate strategist with Macquarie Bank. His is also a former Federal Treasury and OECD economist.

David graduated with first-class honours in Economics from the University of Adelaide, and also earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University in the United States. He is married with two children and lives in Caringbah NSW and is an avid follower of the AFL’s Sydney Swans.


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The Australian ETF Guide is available as an e-book (PDF) for immediate delivery or, for an added fee to cover extra costs, we can also print it out as a report and send it to you via traditional mail.